Five frequently asked questions, answered by Anna And Argyle director and loyalkaspar Chief Creative Officer, Beat Baudenbacher.

Q1 :What were you trying to achieve with Anna And Argyle?
I believe creative people need creative outlets outside of client work. We need places that allow us to fail freely and succeed on new platforms. In case of Anna And Argyle, the iPad was that platform. And for the last couple of years, every Thursday night (and many other ones!), our goal was to tell a simple story exceptionally well.
Q2 :Why a children’s story?
We knew what our story was long before we knew who would be reading it. After spending nights reading and re-reading a few great classic children’s stories, and many not-so-great ones, our story morphed into a tale for kids.
Q3 :Why tell the story on a screen?
Screens provide two key advantages: sound and motion, which happen to be two of our strengths. Even though there are still technical limitations, screens offer another layer of depth to storytelling.
Q4 :Aren’t screens bad for you?
To simply vilify screens is painting a pretty black and white picture. Because in many ways, screens are capable of magic. But just like anything enjoyable, screens are best enjoyed in moderation. Just because you CAN watch Transformers every night on your iPad doesn’t mean that you SHOULD…
For us, the question was: can this powerful device be used to tell a calming story you’d want to read with your kids at bedtime? Asking ourselves this led to removing all distractions. Meaning no interactive features, no kids frantically hitting the screen, getting worked up at night. What was left? Kids and parents enjoying an immersive yet simple story, unlike any of the books on their shelves.
Q5 :So, will you stop doing the kind of work you did before?
Ha. If we did, we'd be bankrupt pretty quickly! We also love what we do: crafting brand identities and bringing them to life. But I do see us building more of our own brands, if we have the right ideas. Even if it’s infinitely harder to do that, it's also extremely rewarding.


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